Maine Sustainability Hub (MeSH)

Who We Are

The Maine Sustainability Hub (MeSH) is a student-driven collaborative space where members share, create, identify synergies, and build on opportunities for student-led campus initiatives around sustainability education and research, campus life activities, and community engagement. Our goal is to create a network and repository of resources to contextualize the academic experience within a larger set of concerns, including environmental, ethical, and social justice and equity issues. Faculty members from many different departments and areas of study such as Don Beith, Francois Amar, Megan Carter, and Christine Beitl have been instrumental in the creation and management of MeSH as it seeks to host, facilitate, or support activities on campus, extra-curricular sustainability events for students and in the local community. For more information, please contact

Our Vision

  • Promote student engagement with real-world problems and provide leadership opportunities for undergraduates across disciplines and generational cohorts. 
  • Enhance opportunities for students to apply a “knowledge-to-action” approach through academics, research, participation in student organizations, community engagement, and increased awareness of sustainability issues on campus. 
  • Prepare students for active engagement in civic life to promote environmental sustainability and social justice as an integral part of their undergraduate education. 
  • Foster awareness and coalition-building for sustainable change in the areas of academics, facilities, infrastructure, community engagement, and campus life.
  • Provide networking opportunities and resources for creating synergies in sustainability education, outreach and research on-campus and in our wider communities. 
  • Seek funding, internships, career and vocational opportunities, and opportunities to employ or support student work on this project, research or environmental activities on campus.

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