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The Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment is a research unit within the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture. More than 60 faculty members in the college lead R& D projects for the station. These scientists use cutting-edge tools to address new challenges for Maine’s natural resource-based industries and develop the new knowledge that fuels innovation. Other research programs strive to protect Maine’s environment, promote public health, and assist rural communities. Discoveries are translated into new production methods, new pest management and disease treatments, new value-added products, new programs to improve the nutrition of Maine citizens, and new information for community leaders. As part of a federal partnership with USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Maine scientists also work with colleagues at other state experiment stations to integrate activities and pool resources to solve problems that extend beyond state borders.

The station maintains its offices and principal research laboratories in Orono. Additional research facilities include Aroostook Farm in Presque Isle, Highmoor Farm in Monmouth, Blueberry Hill Farm in Jonesboro, J. F. Witter Teaching and Research Center in Old Town, the Lyle E. Littlefield Ornamentals Trial Garden and the Roger Clapp Greenhouses in Orono, and the Dwight B. Demeritt Forest in Old Town and Orono. The off-campus facilities of the Experiment Station provide an essential platform for applied field research that is integrated with research at campus laboratories.

The Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station–more than 125 years of R&D for Maine and its people.

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