Quick talking points

If you can say only one thing about the Experiment Station, say this:

To a legislator or policymaker:

UMaine’s Experiment Station receives its base funding from federal capacity funds as well as state match from the State of Maine’s higher education budget, which supports our efforts to meet the needs of the state’s underserved populations and natural resource economy.

To a business executive:

An important goal of UMaine’s Experiment Station is to spur and support economic development in Maine that will benefit communities, individuals, and industries.

To a prospective student:

Through UMaine’s Experiment Station, UMaine’s College of Earth, Life, and Health Sciences students have access to research learning experiences and other hands-on, experiential learning opportunities throughout the state.

To a member of the general public or the press:

UMaine’s Experiment Station pursues research and outreach that makes Maine a great place to live and work.