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Study Abroad Office LGBTQ Helpful Resources

The Office of International Programs believes in inclusion and diversity. We’re committed to providing you with an inclusive, affordable, culturally enriching, and academically stimulating education abroad. OIP not just celebrates, but also strives to increase inclusion and equality. It’s an important part in being able to be who you are and feel safe while doing so, so we’ve put together a general list of questions and things to research to help you find your program abroad with more ease of mind.

Check out the resources listed to help you navigate your study abroad while staying safe in LGBTQ-friendly locations.

What to Ask Yourself/Research Before Going Abroad

  • How will parts of my identity be perceived?
    • What cultural stereotypes exist in the country I’m traveling to?
    • What is the LGBTQ community like abroad?
    • How are others with a similar identity treated?
  • What are some possible stereotypes that I have for the country I’ll be traveling to
    • Are these stereotypes accurate?
    • How did I develop these stereotypes?
  • How much of my identity will I share/reveal to others while I’m abroad?
    • What’s the general reaction from people?
    • What are the cultural norms and/or laws that could affect my safety or health?
  • Am I prepared to educate others about my identity?
  • What strategies do I have/know about to handle others who might not be accepting of my identity?
    • Who can I turn to for support?
  • What resources are available to me while abroad?
    • For those transitioning, think about how you will continue HRT while abroad or satisfy any other medical needs
  • Reach out to students with similar backgrounds who have gone abroad

Helpful Links