Advising Guides

To make your education abroad planning easier, the Office of International Programs has evaluated the transfer course equivalencies for specific USAC programs. This means that courses listed in linked curriculum guides have a pre-set UMaine course equivalent. (Ex: Czech Language for Daily Communication is equivalent to the UMaine Modern Languages Elective for 3 credits).

These transfer equivalencies are especially helpful for students in more set majors at the University of Maine such as Engineering and Nursing majors. Certain courses taken abroad may also satisfy Gen Ed. requirements. (Ex: Czech Cooking and Cuisine is equivalent to a Food Science and Nutrition Elective for 1 credit and satisfies the Cultural Diversity Gen Ed. requirement). These courses are specified within the document.

Equivalencies listed as “in MaineStreet” are available in MaineStreet under Transfer Equivalencies Search. For more detailed program information such as cost, location, and program highlights are available on the USAC website.