Worried About How to Afford an Education Abroad?

  • Many education abroad programs cost the same as a semester at UMaine, check out our direct exchange programs under the ‘Programs’ tab at the bottom of the page. 

  • Saving is part of planning for your semester abroad.

    • Monitor your spending leading up to going abroad.

    • Your family can be a great resource to help you with an education abroad savings account.

  • Remember that some countries are more affordable than others. 

    • Each country is a unique travel experience. 

    • Cost of living and travel expenses are lower in different countries. Costa Rica, Bulgaria, and Thailand are each amazing countries to travel to at a lower cost. 

  • Check out the scholarship page to find even more resources to help pay for your time abroad.

  • Students should also take into consideration the possibility of needing to quarantine while in their host country. Each student should look into the protocols for their host country to calculate a possible budget for quarantine costs which should include: quarantine housing, food, and testing. For more information on COVID-19, please review our COVID page.

Financial Aid

UMaine funds can be used for any approved programs. When completing your FAFSA, be sure base it on your usual UMaine costs.

  • The Office of Financial Aid can increase your loan eligibility to accommodate higher semester costs if needed. 

  • You may be eligible to apply for alternative loans. 

  • The Office of International Programs will help provide you with an official budget that includes travel costs to your Financial Aid Advisor.

Other Tips and Reminders

  • You must be enrolled as a full time student before and during your time abroad. 

  • You cannot use federal work-study funds while abroad.

  • Financial Aid funds are released a week before classes start at UMaine. Funds will not be disbursed based on when your program starts. 

  • All your pre-departure forms must be completed before your financial aid will be released. 

  • Airfare, visas, and housing deposits (usually) must be paid before UMaine Financial Aid is distributed.

Applicable Financial Aid

Types of Aid Applicable?
Pell Grant All Approved Programs
Fed Supplement Grant All Approved Programs
Fed Direct Stafford Loan All Approved Programs
Fed Perkins Loan All Approved Programs
Fed Parent PLUS Loan All Approved Programs
State Maine Grant All Approved Programs
UMaine Grant All Approved Programs
Maine’s Top Scholar All Approved Programs
President Scholarship All Approved Programs
Types of Aid Applicable?
Black Bear Scholarship All Approved Programs
Transfer Merit Award All Approved Programs
Depart./College Scholarship All Approved Programs
External Scholarship Possibly
Work Study Funds No
International Scholarship Direct Exchange Only
Employee Dependent Direct Exchange Only
Native American Waiver Direct Exchange Only
Veteran Scholarship Direct Exchange Only
Veteran Dependent All Approved Programs

For External Scholarships or Grants

*Be sure to contact the donor/provider and discuss you education abroad plans