UMaine science and medicine updates

COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 information and research are changing rapidly, and new developments become available daily. The most recent , up-to-date information is found in the latest bulletins, but some topics covered earlier are still relevant.  All statements made in these documents are from primary sources, which are cited with weblinks

The following are briefings that UMaine faculty and students have assembled to provide to Bangor Public Health and local hospitals. Most recent additions are at the top of this page. A glossary of terms is also available in the sidebar of each update:


Kristy Townsend, Associate Professor of Neurobiology

Melissa Maginnis, Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Debbie Saber, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Caitlin Howell, Asst Prof Biomedical Engineering

Graduate students

Ashleigh Beaulieu
Gabriel Jensen
Emma Paradie
Avery Bond
Brandy-Lee Soos
Liz Saveedra Perez
Nnamdi Baker
Mason Crocker
Colleen Mayberry
Michael Wilczek
Dan Reagan

Undergraduate students

Seth Thomas
Tom Szwwczyk
Tristan Fong