Student recruitment

Following are just some of the ways in which the faculty, staff and students of the University of Maine have worked tirelessly to make our university as accessible as possible during the coronavirus pandemic:

UMaine and UMM have waived application fees. The enrollment deposit is now $50, reduced from $300. And requests for extensions for deposit deadlines are being considered at the request of students to ensure they have the necessary time to make an appropriate decision.

Due to the cancellation of various college exams, UMaine and UMM has a test-optional application completion for this admissions cycle.

A campuswide, interdisciplinary Enrollment Management Think Tank with faculty, students and staff is brainstorming student recruitment initiatives.

With the cancellation of this spring’s Accepted Student Days, Enrollment Management is offering an alternative virtual experience called Virtual UMaine. As part of the initiative, the College of Engineering has posted virtual tours for accepted students. Other videos are being produced for colleges and programs by Enrollment Management, in collaboration with Marketing and Communications. Other initiatives for accepted students include Zoom chats by disciplines and colleges.

Members of the UMaine Board of Visitors and the Alumni Association have volunteered to engage accepted students by letter and phone.