Obtain a MaineCard

Ready to obtain a MaineCard? You’re in the right place!

Find your current status and learn about the next steps to obtain a MaineCard here at UMaine.

Obtain a MaineCard:

Incoming New Students

Welcome home, Black Bears!

Here’s what you need to do to get your Mobile MaineCard:

International Students

Welcome to Maine, Black Bears!

Please begin the steps of submitting your photo by visiting the Photo Submission page for more information. Once your photo is approved, you will begin the process of enrolling your smartphone in our Mobile MaineCard program.

If your phone is regionally incompatible with the requirements for Mobile MaineCard, we will gladly issue you a physical card upon your arrival at the MaineCard Office.

Please be sure to reference UMaine’s International Programs page for assistance, as well.

Online Students

Hello Online Black Bears!

To obtain a MaineCard, please submit your photo through our online photo submission portal. An invitation link will be sent to your maine.edu email account.

Once your photo and documents are approved, please send the following items below to um.mainecard@maine.edu:

  • 1. Completed Online Student MaineCard application
  • 2. Preference of a physical card or library credentials for accessing library materials
  • 3. Mailing address (only if requesting a physical card)

To obtain your library credentials please visit the Using Your MaineCard page.

Current & Returning Students

Hey Black Bears!

If you have a physical MaineCard and you’d like to utilize the Mobile MaineCard, you can set yourself up right at home.
*Please note that enabling Mobile MaineCard will retire your physical MaineCard. Students may only hold one form of credential as of January 1, 2024.

Visit the Mobile MaineCard page for the enrollment steps for Duo Mobile (multi-factor authentication) and the Mobile MaineCard program.

Physical Cardholders:
Did you lose a previously issued physical card? Please visit the MaineCard Office to purchase a replacement card for $20.00 or enroll in the Mobile MaineCard program for free.

UMaine students walking on campus

New Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the UMaine Team!

To obtain your MaineCard, please stop by the Mainecard Office where we can take your photo and verify your government-issued identification.

You can do this any time during your first week (dependent upon your job requirements). Your supervisor should provide instructions.

If you cannot stop by the MaineCard Office, please fill out the MaineCard Application Form and send to um.mainecard@maine.edu along with a headshot and a government-issued ID.

Please note: if your information is not entered into our system by HR, we will be unable to issue you an ID card until it’s updated. Sometimes this can take up to 1 week.

Departmental Card Holders

Departmental MaineCard holders can add funds, view declining balances, and replace lost cards.

To manage your Departmental MaineCard, visit the Manage Your MaineCard page.

If you have any questions regarding your Departmental MaineCard, please contact the MaineCard Office.

Other Campus Cardholders

If you are unsure if you qualify for a MaineCard, please contact the MaineCard Office or visit us in the DTAV Community Center about your unique circumstances.

We have various cards for guests, research scholars, early college students, vendors, contractors, and more!

*Please note that not everyone on the UMaine campus will qualify for an official MaineCard and its benefits.