Where do I pick up my MaineCard?

If you submitted your photo and legal document for verification online and received an email that it was approved, residents will receive their card upon check-in at the residence halls and commuters will pick up their card at the MaineCard Service Center. Return to top. 

Is my MaineCard contactless?

A chip embedded in new MaineCards allows contactless entry instead of swiping in the following locations:

  • Residence halls
  • Purchasing food using Dining Funds or Black Bear Bucks
  • Reserving or checking out materials at Fogler Library
  • Using the UMaine Kiosk lockers at the Package and Postal Center

To enter your room or pick up a package, your card does need to be swiped. Return to top. 

Can I use my MaineCard in vending machines?

You can swipe your card and use your Black Bear Bucks at our Pepsi machines.  Other vending machines accept cash, credit and debit cards. Return to top. 

I’ve lost my card. What should I do?

Since your MaineCard is your access to residence halls, meals, Black Bear Bucks and Dining Funds, it’s important to declare your card lost ASAP. You can declare it lost through the eAccounts app or Online Card Office, stop by the MaineCard Service Center during business hours, or call Public Safety during non-business hours. Come to the MaineCard Service Center as soon as possible to get a replacement MaineCard. More about lost or damaged cards. Return to top. 

How much is a replacement MaineCard?

The replacement fee for a MaineCard is $20. Return to top. 

If I lose my card at night or on the weekend, how do I eat and get into my residence hall?

Dining Services has set up a “Lost Card Counter” for all on-campus residents with a board plan. This means you can visit Hilltop, York or Wells Central seven (7) times without your MaineCard before you will be denied access. To get into your residence hall, you will need to call a friend, Residence Life staff, or Public Safety to let you in. Return to top.

How do I put money on my card?

Add funds from the eAccounts icon link located on your MaineStreet portal, or download the eAccounts app to deposit funds quickly and securely to your Black Bear Bucks or Dining Funds accounts. You can utilize the Online Card Office. Family members and friends can also make a guest deposit for you at the online card office as long as they know your MaineStreet ID. You can add funds at the MaineCard Service Center in Hilltop 103L, UMaine Dining cashier can add Black Bear Bucks and Dining Funds, or you can use the Fogler Library Value Transfer Station (cash only, located near the Circulation & Reserve desk located on the first floor). Return to top.

How do I change my meal plan?

Students may change their meal plans once during the first six weeks of each semester by logging into myHousing. If you need modification to your meal plan for dietary reasons, contact Dietitian Dara Raymond at UMaine Dining directly. Those with commuter meal plans need to fill out an exception form to change their meal plan. Contact UMaine Dining for more information. Return to top. 

What’s the difference between Dining Funds and Black Bear Bucks, and where can I use them?

Dining Funds and Black Bear Bucks allow students, faculty and staff to use their MaineCard for food and beverage purchases in all UMaine Dining locations. Black Bear Bucks may also be used at Maine Bound Adventure Center, the University Bookstore, and at certain off campus merchants. A detailed list of differences is available from UMaine Dining. Return to top.

Are there any restrictions to my Black Bear Bucks purchases?

Yes. Businesses may not permit any MaineCard holder to purchase alcohol, tobacco, firearms, obscene materials, or store-value gift cards. Return to top.

Why do my laundry funds show a negative balance?

Laundry funds are included for the 2020–2021 academic year. Your account shows a negative balance in order for us to keep track of the amount spent. You will not be charged for this amount.