Mobile MaineCard

How to Obtain a Mobile MaineCard

We are a mobile-first university meaning all incoming students are issued a mobile ID instead of a physical card. Mobile MaineCards are more secure and create a seamless move-in process for students. Never lose your MaineCard at the gym ever again!

Note: Students are not allowed more than one form of MaineCard.

To obtain a Mobile MaineCard, you must 1) have submitted your photo via the Online Photo Submission Portal or have a photo on file and 2) be enrolled in multi-factor authentication (MFA/Duo Mobile).

Mobile MaineCards can be used on Android, Apple, and Apple Watch devices. Be sure to check if your phone is compatible with the Mobile MainCard.

Got questions? We’ve got answers in our Mobile MaineCard FAQ section.

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Is Your Mobile Phone Compatible for Mobile MaineCard?

Steps to Set up Mobile MaineCard on Your Device

1. Download Duo Mobile.
Before you begin, download the Duo Mobile app for your Apple or Android phone. It is a free app you can download at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. This app will provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) when you log into your UMS accounts.

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2. Enroll in Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Navigate to and select “Manage multi-factor authentication”. If you get a message saying you are ineligible, please contact IT Support and ask to be made eligible for MFA.

3. Select the “Enroll Smart Device” button.
You should see a green button that says “Enroll Smart Device”. The “Enroll Smart Device” button will lead you through the steps of setting up multi-factor authentication with UMaine and your Duo Mobile app.

Duo Mobile Enroll smart device button. Outlined in previous paragraph.

4. Learn why we use Duo Mobile & MFA.
Learn why we use Duo Mobile & MFA here at UMaine.

5. Duo installed? Download the Transact eAccounts app.
Download the Transact eAccounts app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store to your smartphone.

Please allow up to 60 minutes for Duo Mobile/MFA to be authorized before trying to add your card to your wallet.

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6. Add your MaineCard to your digital wallet.
Once Transact eAccounts is installed, select “University of Maine” for the organization and then “UM” for the portal. Once complete, you should see a button to add to your digital wallet.
If you run into any errors, please contact MaineCard.

Transact Eaccounts on phone

7. Your digital ID is ready for use on campus!
Once your ID is added to your digital wallet, you are ready to use your MaineCard to access your room, purchase food, books, and so much more.

Hand holding Mobile MaineCard on phone

8. Generate Backup Codes
Be sure to generate backup codes in case you get locked out of Duo Mobile by visiting IT’s Knowledge base for instructions on backup codes.

Duo Mobile generate codes button. Outlined in previous paragraph.

General Mobile MaineCard FAQ’s

The Mobile MaineCard is a digital version of our traditional physical MaineCard — UMaine’s ID card. It has all the features and services of a traditional MaineCard but will be stored on an Android or Apple Smartphone or Apple Watch.

You will need an Apple iPhone or watch, an Android Smartphone, and a Duo Mobile compatible operating system (see below).

Near Field Communication

All phones must have Near Field Communication (NFC) set up To check if you have NFC capabilities on your phone, go to “Settings” and search for “NFC”. If no results are found, your phone will not be compatible for a Mobile MaineCard.

Android OS Requirements

The current version of Duo Mobile supports Android 10.0 and greater, as well as Android Go 10.0 and greater. Users on Android versions 9 and older will not be able to download the latest version of Duo Mobile from the Play Store.

Apple iOS Requirements

The current version of Duo Mobile supports iOS 14.0 and greater (with exception for preview/beta software from Apple). Users running versions 13 and older will not be able to download the latest version of Duo Mobile from the App Store. 

If your phone is not compatible for any reason, please request a physical MaineCard from the MaineCard Office.

You may get a physical MaineCard as long as you do not hold a Mobile MaineCard. Students may only hold one type of credential.

Please reach out to the MaineCard Office via email at

Be sure to include a screenshot of the error message you are seeing and a brief description of what is happening.

All incoming students are eligible. This service prevents lost or stolen cards and provides a higher level of security. With a tap, you’re able to access services across UMaine and in the community.

If you choose not to enroll in our Mobile MaineCard program,  we can issue you a physical MaineCard. Please contact or visit the MaineCard Office to receive your MaineCard.

Please note that any lost, stolen, or abused MaineCards will require a $20 replacement fee.

We strongly encourage students to use the Mobile MaineCard program. If you would like to receive a physical card instead of a digital card, you are allowed to do so.

At this time, the Mobile MaineCard is specifically for residential students at the University of Maine. Faculty and staff can voluntarily enroll in Mobile MaineCard.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) FAQ’s

A security technology requiring multiple methods of authentication. It protects your digital identity and is highly effective. It’s also easy to use! More information on MFA can be found within the UMS:IT KnowledgeBase

Duo Mobile is a two-factor authentication mobile app for smartphones that helps users log on to other apps with more security. With Duo Mobile, it will use push notifications to the authorized user to confirm their identity when they log into applications that require authentication (eg., University of Maine email, MaineStreet).

If you unenroll in MFA, you will no longer be eligible to hold a Mobile MaineCard.

When you opt out of MFA, you will also have your Mobile MaineCard revoked.

Yes, MFA is required to hold and utilize a Mobile MaineCard. If you choose not to opt-in to MFA, you will not be able to receive a Mobile MaineCard and will need to have a traditional physical MaineCard. Physical MaineCards use tap technology. If they are lost, a replacement fee of $25 will be assessed for replacement cards.

In the event that you break or lose your device or you delete the Duo Mobile app, you will be able to access your UMS accounts without having to call the IT Help Desk (check hours of availability).

We strongly recommend creating your own backup codes so you will never find yourself locked out of your UMS accounts.

Using Your Mobile MaineCard FAQ’s

Please contact your Resident Assistant and the rest of the ResLife Staff.
If you are locked out during daytime hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), please call Tech Services at 207-581-4371 or email

If you are unable to find someone, please contact the University of Maine Police Department at 207.581.4040 and they can assist you with your locked door.

Simply open your digital wallet on your smartphone and then select your Mobile MaineCard. This will pull up your Mobile MaineCard directly and allow you to show it to off-campus merchants or the bus service.

Unfortunately, it will not. If you have a new phone, be sure to set up Duo Mobile on it. Then reach out to the MaineCard team via contact form, phone, or in person at the MaineCard Office (we share the office with Parking Services).

Simply open your digital wallet on your smartphone and then select your Mobile MaineCard. This will pull up your Mobile MaineCard directly and allow you to show it to off-campus merchants or the bus service.

We strongly recommend that you set up bypass codes when setting up your Mobile MaineCard. If you have created and saved these codes, you can utilize your codes to access your UMS accounts. Learn how to create bypass codes at IT’s Knowledge Base.

More detailed information about bypass codes can be found here.

If you did not create backup codes, you must obtain a bypass code from an IT representative. This can most easily be accomplished by calling 1.800.696.4357, or emailing