Printing issues for UMaine resident students using the MyResNet dorm networks

MyResNet is currently experiencing issues accessing the UMaine PrintFromAnywhere service when connected to MyResnet dorm networks. Accessing the download site for the UMaine printing client or sending print jobs from the MyResNet is not currently possible. The UMaine IT and Apogee teams are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Recommended interim solutions

Email:  Attach your file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images, Text) in an email using your account. Send the Email to or

First time email users please register at the web portal with your UMSID from the EduRoam or Tempest wireless networks.

Move to a UMaine public space and connect to the EduRoam or Tempest wireless network. Perform UMaine printing functions as you would normally.

We appreciate your patience while we work through this issue and encourage you to contact the UMaine IT Support Center at 207.581.2506 or through email at


Your UMS Account must be activated in order to register a device. If you have your ID# and Activation Key, visit Click the Account Activation link and follow the instructions on that page. For additional information or support please contact the IT Support Center at 207-581-2506.