Remote Access VPN

A Remote Access virtual private network (VPN) is a tool for faculty, staff, and students of the University of Maine System to establish a secure connection to the University network from off-campus. The Remote Access VPN service is most useful when needing to access UMS information systems and/or services from off-site.Common examples of resources that require VPN access include:

  • Campus file servers
  • ImageNow
  • Remote Desktop

In addition, those with University managed laptops will be able to conduct more “on-campus” work from off-campus by utilizing the Remote Access VPN.

Instructions on how to connect to the Remote Access VPN

UM Remote Labs

The UM RemoteLab system provides students and faculty with the ability to access academic software typically restricted to physical computer labs from home. This service establishes a remote connection to a Windows PC workstation located in a physical computer lab on the UM campus. This service supports remote connections from either a home Windows PC or Mac. Software that is currently available through this service is the same as that offered by the respective labs.

Note: Some resource intensive software (intensive graphic programs, etc) may not perform as well over a remote connection.

For information on accessing or using the RemoteLab system, please review the How to Connect to UMS Remote Labs Page.

Software Available in Classrooms and Computer Labs

UMS:IT manages several computer classrooms and public computer spaces around the UM campus. Please visit our Managed Computers and Software page to see the list of classrooms and spaces we manage, as well as the software available in those locations. There is also information about requesting new software be added to these spaces.

Software Available for Local Installation by UMaine Faculty, Staff, and Students

Adobe Creative Cloud
The University of Maine does not license Adobe products, but students and departments can purchase individual licenses. Students should reach out to the UM Bookstore for purchasing questions.
Faculty and staff, please send a request to
ArcGIS is available for Faculty, Staff, and Students.
ChemDraw Prime
ChemDraw is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students. Activation will be required for individuals who choose to install the software for home, office or personal use.
Ditto allows windows devices to connect via wireless to share content to select AppleTV devices in centrally scheduled classrooms on campus by entering a room code without requiring wires, dongles or adapters.
ImageNow Client
Windows Only
ImageNow is an industry-leading document imaging and management system used by the University to capture and curate physical and digital documents. ImageNow has been in place at the University since 2005 and has been adopted by numerous functional areas across all of the business units in the system.
JMP Statistical Software
JMP software from SAS is now available to Faculty, Staff, and Students for installation on university-owned and personal devices.
MathWorks MatLab
MATLAB is now available for Faculty, Staff, and Students on personal and University-owned computers.
How to Create a Mathworks Account
How to Install and License Matlab
Mathematica is available for Faculty, Staff, and Students.
Student Download
Faculty/Staff Download
Microsoft Office
UMS faculty, staff, and students may now install Microsoft Office on personal and University-owned computers.
You may now use your UMS account to sign into all Office products
Minitab is available to all UM/UMM faculty, staff, and students. Minitab offers a web and desktop client.
Printer Setup
How to use the new Xerox Copiers
SAS is now available to Faculty and Staff to install on University-owned computers.
Siemens now offers a range of their products such as NX and Solid Edge for faculty, staff, and students to use.
3D CAD design and computer-aided engineering (CAE) software
Solidworks is available for install by Faculty, Staff, and Students affiliated with UMaine on personal or University-owned computers.
Student Download
Faculty/Staff Download
SPSS is a statistical software application offered by IBM
AMOS is powerful structural equation modeling (SEM) software
SPSS is available for Faculty, Staff, and Students affiliated with UMaine to install on personal or University-owned computers.
Qualtrics is Web-based survey software available for use by all UMaine Faculty, Students and Staff to support teaching and research at UMaine. Surveys can be created and distributed by anyone with a UMaine PeopleSoft account.
UMS provided Virtual Private Network for accessing on-campus resources such as license servers and network shares.
When visiting the VPN site, please select Remote Access VPN.
Detailed instructions on how to set up are available here.