Available Software

ITSS Managed Computers and Software

UMS:IT manages a large number of computers around campus for use by UMaine Community and specifically for classes.

Click here to see the list of software that is installed IT managed clusters and classrooms

Software Available for Installation for UMaine Faculty, Staff & Students

Protect your computer by downloading free antivirus and anti-spyware software here.
ArcGIS is available for Faculty, Staff and Students.
ChemDraw Prime version 18
Activation will be required for individuals who choose to install the software for home, office or personal use. For more details regarding activation, please go to  PerkinElmer Informatics.
Ditto allows windows devices to connect via wireless to share content to select AppleTV devices in centrally scheduled classrooms on campus by entering a room code without requiring wires, dongles or adapters.
ImageNow Client
ImageNow is an industry leading document imaging and management system used by the University to capture and curate physical and digital documents. ImageNow has been in place at the University since 2005 and has been adopted by numerous functional areas across all of the business units in the system.
JMP Statistical Software
JMP software from SAS is now available to Faculty, Staff, and Students for installation on university-owned and personal devices. The self-install download is not available on our site.
MathWorks MatLab
MATLAB is now available for Faculty, Staff and Students. You can now install MathWorks MatLab on your computer (not keyed).
Mathematica intro and overview
Microsoft Office
UMS faculty, staff, and students may now install Microsoft Office on personal and university-owned computers.
Printer Setup
Add a Canon Copier to a UM PC
Add a Canon Copier to a UM Mac
Departmental Pay-for-Print
NEW!! UMaine PrintFromAnywhere
SAS is now available to Faculty and Staff to install on University or Department owned computers.
Solid Edge
Solid Edge is a 3D CAD and solid modeling software. The download is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students.
Solidworks is available for Faculty, Staff and Students.
SPSS Statistics
SPSS is available to Faculty and Staff ONLY for install on University-owned owned computers.