Card Number Info

For assistance with your UMS User ID and password, please contact the IT Help Center at 207.581.2506.

Confused about all the numbers out there? Let us explain.

The MaineCard system uses several identification numbers for access to different resources/systems. Those numbers and brief explanations of their uses are outlined below. As always, if you still have questions, contact us.

card number information on back of MaineCard including barcode
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Your MaineCard ISO number

This number is printed on the back of your card and is 16 digits long, starting with “6391 49.”
Your ISO is unique to your card and will change every time you are issued a new card. This number ensures that if you lose your card, no one else can access your accounts or use your card to access any of our residence halls. This number is also used at the registers across campus if your chip or magnetic strip are not working.

Fogler Library barcode number

This number is printed on the back of your card, below the barcode, and starts with “25022.”
This number is only used by the the library, which is part of a statewide system. Use this number to access library resources both in person and online.