Black Bear Bucks

Memorial Union

Take Advantage of Your Black Bear Bucks: The Only Way to Get Your Dining Discount at the Memorial Union! If you use Black Bear Bucks on your MaineCard for dining purchases at the Memorial Union, you will save 5% off your dining bill PLUS 8% sales tax for a total of 13% savings… but you have to use Black Bear Bucks for this on-going discount.

On Campus

You can use Black Bear Bucks at all dining facilities, the University Bookstore and the MaineBound Adventure Center, as well as for copies in the library, printing in the clusters, laundry in the residence halls, MCA tickets and more. You’ll always save 5% plus the 8% state tax if you purchase your meals on-campus only. This semester you can double the discount to 10% plus the 8% sales tax when you use Black Bear Bucks for UMaine Dining purchases.  Any discounts and tax exemptions apply to on-campus dining purchases at UMaine dining locations only.

Off Campus

Take your Black Bear Bucks off campus at participating merchants. We will continue to reach out to merchants in the local communities so that you will be able to use your Black Bear Bucks at their establishments. Any on-campus discounts and tax exemptions do NOT apply to off-campus merchants participating in the Black Bear Bucks program.

See a list of participating merchants.

Adding Funds

Learn more about opening an account and adding funds by visiting the Online Card Office.

For Merchants

Are you a merchant interested in accepting Black Bear Bucks for purchases in your store? Visit our guide for off-campus merchants.


Businesses may not permit any MaineCard holder to purchase alcohol, tobacco, firearms, obscene materials, or store-value gift cards.