Board of Advisors

Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen’s Association – Heidi Henninger
Conary Cove Lobster – Kathy Heanssler
Connecticut Lobsterman & Restaurant Owner – Bart Mansi
D.B. Rice Fisheries – Lobster Dealer – Dana Rice
Downeast Lobstermen’s Association – Sheila Dassatt
Eastern Fisherman’s Federation, New Brunswick – Melanie Sonnenberg
Lobster Council of Canada – Geoff Irvine
Lobster Products, Inc. – Herb Hodgkins
Luke’s Lobster/Cape Seafood – Luke Holden/Ben McKinney
Maine Department of Marine Resources – Kathleen Reardon
Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association – Annie Tselikis
Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative – Marianne LaCroix
Maine Lobsterman – Bill Anderson
Maine Lobsterman – Jason Joyce
Maine Lobsterman – Jack Merrill
Maine Lobstermen’s Association – Jim Dow
Maritime Fishermen’s Union – Michel Richard
Massachusetts Lobsterman – William Adler
Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association – Sooky Sawyer
Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association – Melanie Giffin
Rhode Island Lobstermen’s Association – Norbert Stamps


Lobster Institute Associate Faculty Partners

The University of Maine faculty listed below are official associates of the Lobster Institute as recognized by Director of the Lobster Institute Richard Wahle and Dean of the College of Natural Resources, Forestry & Agriculture Frederick Servello.  Faculty association with the Lobster Institute is for the purpose of research collaboration, student mentoring, community outreach, and professional engagement in support of the mission of the Lobster Institute. The Lobster Institute is currently recruiting additional associate faculty to expand the scope and depth of its research programs. For more information, contact Richard Wahle at

Jason Bolton, Cooperative Extension
Debbie Bouchard, Cooperative Extension; Director, Aquaculture Research Institute
Damian Brady, School of Marine Sciences
Yong Chen, School of Marine Sciences
Heather Leslie, School of Marine Sciences; Director, Darling Marine Center
Esperanza Sancioff, Cooperative Extension
Bob Steneck, School of Marine Sciences
Joshua Stoll, School of Marine Sciences; Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries
Mario Teisl, School of Economics



Other University of Maine Faculty with Expressed Interest in Lobster Research

Robert Bayer, (Emeritus) School of Food & Agriculture
Christine Beitl, Dept. Anthropology; School of Marine Sciences
Ian Bricknell, School of Marine Sciences
Keith Evans, School of Economics; School of Marine Sciences
Heather Hamlin, School of Marine Sciences
Teresa Johnson, School of Marine Sciences
Denise Skonberg, School of Food & Agriculture; School of
Marine Sciences
Andrew Thomas, School of Marine Sciences
James Wilson (Emeritus), School of Marine Sciences
Huijie Xue, School of Marine Sciences