Dr. Christine Beitl

Dr. Christine Beitl photoAssistant Professor of Anthropology

Cooperating Faculty Member, School of Marine Science, University of Maine
Faculty Associate, Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions

Ph.D. Ecological and Environmental Anthropology, University of Georgia, 2012

M.A. Latin American and Caribbean Studies/ Environmental Studies, Florida International University, 2005

B.A. Spanish, Ohio University, 1997

Professional Interests:

My research broadly explores the intersections of socio-political, ecological, and economic systems. I specialize in the study of common pool resources in coastal and marine environments focusing on mangrove forests and their associated artisanal fisheries.  I have used a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches, ethnographic and fishery data, as well as geographic information systems to study human-environment interactions and evaluate the social-ecological effects of collective action, property arrangements, civil society, customary norms in fishing, and coastal management policies in Ecuador. My current research program focuses on livelihood adaptations, decision-making, and various aspects of fisheries management within the context of social-ecological change in Maine and Ecuador.

Other research and teaching interests include sustainability science, human ecology, environmental anthropology, coastal/ fisheries anthropology, economic anthropology, political ecology, human dimensions of environmental change, international conservation and development, environmental governance and policy, research design and methods, Latin America, South Pacific and Gulf of Maine.

Recent Publications:

Beitl, C.M. (2015). Mobility in the Mangroves: Catch Rates, Daily Decisions, and Dynamics of Artisanal Fishing in a Coastal Commons.” Applied Geography. 59: 98-106. http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1QjTtWf-Apsxk

Beitl, C. M. (2014). Navigating over Space and Time: Fishing Effort Allocation and the Development of Customary Norms in an Open-Access Mangrove Estuary in Ecuador. Human Ecology 42(3): 395-411. DOI: 10.1007/s10745-014-9655-7

Beitl, C. M. (2014). Adding Environment to the Collective Action Problem: Individuals, Civil Society, and the Mangrove-Fishery Commons in Ecuador. World Development 56: 93-107. Online: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305750X13002386

Beitl, C. M. (2012). Shifting Policies, Access, and the Tragedy of Enclosures in Ecuadorian Mangrove Fisheries: Towards a Political Ecology of the Commons. Journal of Political Ecology, 19, 94-113. Online: http://jpe.library.arizona.edu/volume_19/Beitl.pdf

Beitl, C. M. (2011). Cockles in Custody: The Role of Common Property Arrangements in the Ecological Sustainability of Mangrove Fisheries on the Ecuadorian Coast. International Journal of the Commons, 5(2), 485-512. Online: http://www.thecommonsjournal.org/index.php/ijc/article/view/285

Beitl, C. M. and A. Cruz (2010). Custodias del Manglar y Monitoreo Comunitario del Recurso Concha Prieta (Anadara tuberculosa y A. similis) en la Isla Costa Rica, El Oro, Ecuador. Resultados del Monitoreo Comunitario con la Asociacion de Costa Rica Diciembre 2009 – Junio de 2010. El Oro, Ecuador: 1-15.


Telephone: 207.581.1893
Fax: 207.581.1823
Email: christine.beitl@maine.edu
Department of Anthropology
University of Maine
5773 S. Stevens Hall, Rm. 228A
Orono, Maine 04469-5773


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