About the Lobster Institute

Since 1987 the Lobster Institute hdeep sea diver meets a lobsteras been a center of discovery, innovation and outreach at the University of Maine. Its mission is to promote, conduct and communicate research focused on the sustainability of the American lobster fishery in the US and Canada. The Institute also provides technical and educational outreach, disseminates research findings in understandable and accessible ways, and convenes conferences and workshops to engage stakeholders in solving challenges faced by this iconic fishery.

Our Mission

“To foster collaboration and communication in support of a sustainable and profitable lobster industry in the Northeast U.S. and Canada.”

Our Vision

The Lobster Institute’s vision is to be a leader in ensuring a sustainable and profitable American lobster industry by fostering transparency in communication among stakeholders; and championing credible scientific research supporting lobster and ecosystem health, conservation management and industry sustainability. We aspire to a University of Maine community engaged to its full potential to work collaboratively with lobster industry members, resource managers and policymakers, along with the international marine research community.

A Lobster Institute working group has identified three strategic goals:

  1. To be UMaine’s center for information and opportunities in lobster research

  2. To enhance faculty and student incentives to engage with stakeholders

  3. To increase outreach and visibility to stakeholders through traditional and new media.

The Lobster Institute receives advice and counsel from a diverse Board of Advisors, representing an array of industry sectors and geographic regions that keep us in touch and in tune with the needs of the lobster industry. 

It is guided by a Vision Document and a five-year Strategic Plan, each compiled with input from representatives of all stakeholders.

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