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Sub Sea Encounter
Sub Sea Encounter – 5/2003

Proudly working with and serving the lobster industry from New York to Newfoundland since 1987, the core of the Lobster Institute mission is to sustain both the lobster resource and a viable lobster fishery… through conservation, outreach, research and education. Located at The University of Maine, the Lobster Institute is the only organization of it kind. It was founded jointly by Maine’s lobster industry associations and the University – and quickly spread to be an international presence. We now work for and with lobstermen and all sectors of the lobster industry from Long Island Sound to Newfoundland.

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The above link will take you to our shopping cart page.  We have 3 items for sale, a book authored by Associate Director, Cathy Billings titled “The Maine Lobster Industry-A History of Culture, Conservation & Commerce”.  We also have a book authored by our Executive Director, Robert Bayer and Juanita Bayer titled ” Lobsters Inside-Out” We have the most awesome lobster plate you will ever see for sale the “Platter Ensemble”  the bottom of the platter catches all the excess liquid from the lobster.

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Buster Blue by Justin Brook
Buster Blue by Justin Brook

We hope you enjoy this collection of photos related to lobsters, the lobster industry, and the many lobstering communities served by the Lobster Institute. We invite you to send in your favorite photo(s) related to lobstering or the coast as additions to this collection. Electronic JPEG files can be sent to cbillings@maine.edu or regular photos can be mailed to the Lobster Institute, 210 Rogers Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469 (Sorry, mailed photos cannot be returned.) Thanks for visiting with us!


  • Opportunities are available, please contact Cathy Billings at 207-581-2751 or via email.

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