Joshua Stoll

Education:  Ph.D., Ecology and Environmental Sciences, University of Maine

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Email Address:

Phone:  207.581.4307 

Location: 227A Libby Hall

Mailing Address:  Libby Hall, Orono, Maine, 04469

Website:  Stoll Lab


Research Area:  Ocean governance, coastal community resilience, fisheries policy, social-ecological dynamics

Research:  I am broadly interested in questions about the design and maintenance of formal and informal institutions that support sustainable fisheries and the communities that depend on them. Towards this objective, my research team is currently working on a range of interdisciplinary projects related to ecosystem-based fisheries management, seafood distribution and trade, community resilience, and aquaculture.

Select Publications:  

Stoll, J., E. Fuller, B. Crona. Uneven adaptive capacity among fishers in a sea of change. PLOS One. 12 (2017): 1-13.  

Stoll, J. Fishing for leadership: The role diversification plays in facilitating change agents. Journal of Environmental Management 199 (2017): 74-82.

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