Heather Leslie, Professor, UMaine School of Marine Sciences & Director, Darling Marine Center


Tim Frawley, Affiliated Research Associate, NOAA

Kaitlyn Haynal, Maine eDNA Postdoctoral Research Associate, UMaine

Audrey Hufnagel, Research Assistant from Lincoln Academy (Summer 2022)

Phoebe Jekielek, PhD Student in Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Joelle Kilchenmann, MS Student in Marine Sciences

Brendan Mirra, Research Assistant from Wake Forest University (Summer 2022)

Jakob O’Neal, Research Assistant from Southern Maine Community College (Summer 2022)

Kara Pellowe, Affiliated Research Associate, Stockholm Research Center

Jessica Reilly-Moman, Affiliated Research Associate, Aspen Global Change Institute

Sarah Risley, Dual MS degrees in Marine Biology & Marine Policy (awarded 2022!) & now a PhD Student in Marine Sciences

Jennifer Smith-Mayo, PhD Student in Communications & Journalism


Lab Alums

Undergraduate & Post Bac Researchers

Jenny Adler

Ben Apple

Hank Baker

Joey Bernhardt, currently a postdoc at Yale University

Bridgette Black

Harriet Booth

Caitlin Brisson

Melissa Britsch

Brendyn Brooks-Stocking

Samuel Burgess, 2021 Summer Research Intern

Laura Chartier

Nathaniel Chu, 2013 Fulbright Scholar

Karen Cortes

Currie Dugas

Morgan Ivens-Duran

Emily Lamb, 2012 Fulbright Scholar

Jenna Lyons

Bradlyn McEttrick, 2021 Capstone in Marine Sciences

Megan Palmer

Amelia Papi, 2021 Summer Research Intern

Kaitlyn Raffier, 2018 Summer Undergraduate Intern, now a Natural Resource Specialist for the State of Alaska

Lee Richter

Carolina Rolfe, 2021 Summer Research Intern

Kristen Sebasky

Katherine Siegel

Darius Stanton, Leadership Alliance Fellow from Claflin University, Class of 2014

Cassandra Strauch, Summer 2019 Undergraduate Researcher

Sara Swett, 2021-22 Capstone in Marine Sciences

Eric Van Arsdale

Allison Wentz

Kara Woo

Madeline Williams, Undergraduate Student in Marine Sciences

Jessica Woodall, Summer 2019 Undergraduate Researcher

Masters and Post Masters Researchers

Melissa Britsch, UMaine, dual M.S. degrees in Marine Biology & Marine Policy, 2021, now a Senior Planner with Maine DMR’s Coastal Program

Marcy Cockrell, Research Technician, now an aquaculture oriented scientist with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Marina Cucuzza, UMaine, dual M.S. degrees in Marine Biology & Marine Policy, 2020, now with USGS

Tara Gancos, Brown M.A., 2010

Sarah Doudera, Professional Science Masters in Marine Sciences, 2022

Nick Gredin, dual Masters in Business Administration and Information Systems, UMaine 2022

Courtney Mattison, Brown, M.A., 2011, now an independent artist

Lauren Watka, Brown, M.A., 2012


Sarah Crosby (PhD, Brown University 2015), now Director of Harbor Watch, Earthplace

Kara Pellowe (PhD, University of Maine 2019), now Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden

Jessica Reilly-Moman (PhD, University of Maine 2021), now Affiliated Research Associate, Aspen Global Change Institute


Keryn Gedan, now Assistant Professor, The George Washington University

Kara Pellowe, now Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden

Leila Sievanen, Program Officer, University of California Office of the President

Sheila Walsh Reddy, Conservation Impact Lead, The Nature Conservancy