Prospective Students & Postdocs

Thank you very much for your interest in my lab at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center.

Prospective graduate students: I am recruiting an ecologically-oriented PhD or Masters student through University of Maine’s School of Marine Sciences or the EES Grad Program for Fall 2023 (not 2022), to contribute to coupled systems research in Maine. If you are more interested in professional practice than a research-based degree, the SMS Professional Science Masters program may be the one for you. The PSM degree program may be initiated as soon as January 2022. If you’d like to learn more about these opportunities, please email me at Applications are submitted through UMaine’s Graduate School, after we’ve connected by email.

Prospective postdocs: Early career scholars with expertise in the ecological and social sciences and a strong commitment to interdisciplinary, engaged scholarship are encouraged to contact me about potential postdoctoral opportunities focused on projects in both Maine and Mexico. The Smith Fellowship, NRC Fellowships and postdoc led grants to the NSF, SESYNC, and NOAA are all potential ways for us to secure the funding to bring your postdoc to Maine. Residence in midcoast Maine at the Darling Marine Center is preferred but not required. I encourage interested individuals to contact me at

Undergraduates: Whether you are a UMaine student or not, consider applying for a 2022 Summer Internship  at the DMC and/or the Fall 2022 Semester by the Sea program, where students are immersed in marine science in an intimate and exciting environment at the Darling Marine Center. Opportunities for independent research also exist in the summer and fall, particularly through the SEA Fellows Program. Please contact me for details.