Tim Frawley

Tim Frawley headshotDr. Timothy Frawley is a former commercial fisherman, coastal wildflower enthusiast, and mediocre surfer who was born and raised near Casco Bay, Maine and has spent time working in the commercial fishing industry in Maine, Alaska, and California. His fundamental goal as a researcher is to produce and communicate useful science capable of transforming the way people think about marine resource management and governance. As a transdisciplinary, coupled-systems scientist he relies upon mixed methods from the natural and social sciences and ongoing collaboration with active resource users to define research questions, collect data, and interpret results. His research to-date has spanned diverse sectors, scales, and geographies, including everything from the climate adaptation of small-scale fishers in Baja California Sur (Mexico) to the behaviors and operations of longline tuna fishing fleets in the Pacific high seas. Since obtaining his PhD from Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University in 2019, he’s been employed as a Postdoctoral Scholar at University of California Santa Cruz while being affiliated with both the University of Maine and NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center.