B.S. Degree in Environmental Horticulture

The B.S. degree in Environmental Horticulture explores the applied science of managing ornamental plants in public or estate gardens, residential landscapes, or greenhouses and nurseries. The program offers students the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in

  • landscape design
  • landscape management
  • sustainable plant production and maintenance
  • greenhouse management
  • plant and soil sciences
  • business management
  • other related fields

ENH student w plant

The program offers four concentrations:

  • Horticultural Business which allows further preparation for entrepreneurial career avenues within the field of horticulture. Students enrolled in this concentration have an opportunity to receive a minor in Business Administration and may elect to continue an extra year to complete a Master’s in Business Administration.
  • Landscape Design which combines design skills and plant science knowledge into one curriculum.
  • Sustainable Horticulture which provides an opportunity for further exploration in areas of plant physiology, nutrition, taxonomy and propagation.
  • Turfgrass Management which allows further preparation for a turf-related career within the field of horticulture.  Students completing this concentration will receive a well-rounded background in turf and ultimately two degrees; a B.S. in Environmental Horticulture with a concentration in Turfgrass Management (UMaine) and an A.S. in Turfgrass Management (UMass).

The Lyle E. Littlefield Ornamentals Trial Garden & The Roger Clapp Greenhouses, the University of Maine’s horticultural research facilities, are located on the University of Maine campus

For more information contact Charlene Gray (207.581.2948, charlene.gray@maine.edu).

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Faculty associated with this program are:

Stephanie Burnett, Associate Professor
Susan Erich, Professor
Charlene Gray, Lecturer
Eric Gallandt, Professor
Jay Hao, Assistant Professor
Mark Hutton, Associate Professor and Associate Extension Specialist
Ellen Mallory, Associate Professor and Associate Extension Specialist
Renae Moran, Associate Professor and Associate Extension Specialist
Tsutomu Ohno, Professor
Bryan Peterson, Assistant Professor
Greg Porter, Professor
Dave Yarborough, Professor and Extension Specialist