Associate Professor of Vegetable Crops and Extension VegetableHutton Specialist

Degree: Ph. D. 1988, University of New Hampshire
Phone: 207.933.2100
Location: Highmoor Farm

Professional Interests: Sustainable vegetable production practices, plant breeding and insect biocontrol

Research: To evaluate environmental adaptability and horticultural adaptability of commercially important vegetable species grown in Maine utilizing organic and conventional production practices, to evaluate other crop management strategies such as intercropping, living mulches, and sequential cropping for improved yields, quality, and reduced agrochemical inputs and to evaluate and develop improved management strategies for hoop house crop production.

Recent Publications:

Marshall, K.; Erich, S.; Hutton, M.; Hutchinson, M.; Mallory, E.  2016. Nitrogen availability from compost in high tunnel tomato production. Compost Sci. Util. 24:147-158.

Renaud, E.N.C.; van Bueren, E.T.L.; Paulo, M.J.; van Eeuwijk, F.A.; Juvik, J.A.; Hutton, M.G.; Myers, J.R. 2014. Broccoli cultivar performance under organic and conventional management systems and implications for crop improvement.  Crop Sci. 54:1539-1554.

Kiers, E.T.; Hutton, M.G.; Denison, R.F.  2007.  Human selection and the relaxation of legume defenses against ineffective rhizobia.  Proc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 274:3119-3126.

Jackson, T.L.; Hutton, M.G.; Handley, D.T. 2007. Phytotoxicity and pollination disorders in sweet corn due to direct-silk applications of materials used for alternative corn earworm control. Horttechnology 17:163-168.

Hutton, M.G.; Handley, D.T. 2007.  Effects of silver reflective mulch, white inter-row mulch, and plant density on yields of pepper in Maine. Horttechnology 17:214-219.