Renae Moran


Professor of Pomology

Degree: Ph. D. 1996, University of Arkansas
Phone: 207.933.2100
Location: Highmoor Farm

Website:  Extension tree fruit site

Professional Interests: Tree fruit production and physiology


  • Environmental and genotypic variation in cold hardiness of apple trees.
  • New plum varieties for a local market.

Optimizing storage of Honeycrisp and other apple varieties to improve fruit quality and prevent storage losses.

Recent Publications:

Moran, R., B. Peterson, G. Fazio, and J. Cline.  2018.  Genotypic variation in apple rootstock low temperature tolerance during spring and fall.  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 143:319-332.

Myracle, A., Z. Castonguay, A. Elwell, and R. Moran. 2018.  Fruit quality and consumer acceptability of three plum types and 14 plum cultivars grown in Maine for a local market.  HortTechnology 28:230-238.

Xu, Y., Y. Ma, N.P. Howard, C. Chen, C.B.S. Tong, G. Celio, J.R. DeEll, and R.E. Moran. 2017 Microstructure of soft scald in ‘Honeycrisp’ apples. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 142(6):1-6. doi: 10.21273/JASHS04250-17.

Tong, C., H. Chang, J. Boldt, Y. Ma, J. DeEll, R. Moran, G. Bourgeois, and D. Plouffe. 2016.  Diffuse flesh browning in ‘Honeycrisp’ apple fruit is associated with low temperatures during fruit growth.  HortScience 51:1256-1264.

Geng, F., R. Moran, M. Day, W. Halteman and D. Zhang. 2016. Increasing shoot elongation and proliferation of ‘G.30’ and ‘G.41’ apple by chilling explants and plant growth regulators.  HortScience 51:899-904.

Marini, R.P., W.R. Autio, B. Black, J. Cline, W.P. Cowgill, R.M. Crassweller, C. Hampson, M.M. Kushad, R. Moran, M. Parker, R.L. Perry, G.L. Reighard, T. Robinson and D. Wolfe.  2016.  Time required for classifying rootstock vigor in multi-location rootstock trials.  J. Amer. Pom. Soc. 70:82-91.

Geng, F., R. Moran, M. Day, W. Halteman and D. Zhang. 2015. In Vitro Shoot Proliferation of Apple Rootstocks ‘B.9’, ‘G.30’, and ‘G.41’ Grown Under Red and Blue Light.  HortScience 50(3):430-433.