Renae Moran


Professor of Pomology

Degree: Ph. D. 1996, University of Arkansas
Phone: 207.933.2100
Location: Highmoor Farm

Website:  Extension tree fruit site

Professional Interests: Tree fruit production and physiology


  • Environmental and genotypic variation in peach and apple tree cold hardiness
  • Predicting and preventing storage disorders in apples

Recent Publications:

Moran, R.E. and P. Ginakes. 2024.  Low temperature tolerance of peach flower buds and shoot tissues is differentially influenced by freezing and high temperature exposure.  HortScience 59(4):520-528.

Tong, C.B.S., R.E. Moran, R. Wiepz, and Z.M. Vickers. 2022. Postharvest characteristics of ‘MN80’ (TriumphTM) apple fruit compared to ‘Cortland’ and ‘Honeycrisp’. J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 76(3):103-113.

Moran, R.E., J.R. DeEll and C.B.S. Tong. 2022. ‘Honeycrisp’ apple maturity, quality and storage disorders according to interior and exterior tree canopy position.  J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 76(3):94-102.

Cline, J.A., W. Autio, J. Clements, R. Crassweller, T. Einhorn, E. Fallahi, P.  Francescatto, E. Hoover, G. Lang, J. Lordan, R. Moran, M. Muehlbauer, S. Musacchi, M. Stasiak, R. Parra Quezada, T. Robinson, S. Sherif, and J. Zandstra. 2021. Early Performance of ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple Trees on several size-controlling rootstocks in the 2014 NC-140 Rootstock Trial. J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 75(5):189-202.

Moran, R., B.J. Peterson, G. Fazio and J. Cline. 2021.  Low temperature tolerance in apple shoots following exposure to warm temperatures in late winter. HortScience 56:(6):1-10.

Hwang, H.W., A. Myracle, R. Moran, R. Fort, and B. Cole.  2020.  Impact of fruit maturity and growing season on phenolic phytochemicals and antioxidant activity among four Asian plum cultivars.  Journal of the Amer. Pomol. Soc. 74(5):264-273.

Moran, R., J. DeEll, and C.B. Tong. 2020.  Regional variation in the index of absorbance difference as an indicator of maturity and predictor of storage disorders in ‘Honeycrisp’ and ‘McIntosh’ apples grown in Maine, Minnesota and Ontario.  HortScience 55:1500-1508.

Moran, R., B. Peterson, G. Fazio, and J. Cline.  2018.  Genotypic variation in apple rootstock low temperature tolerance during spring and fall.  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 143:319-332.

Myracle, A., Z. Castonguay, A. Elwell, and R. Moran. 2018.  Fruit quality and consumer acceptability of three plum types and 14 plum cultivars grown in Maine for a local market.  HortTechnology 28:230-238.