Bryan Peterson

Associate Professor of Environmental Horticulture

Degree: Ph. D. 2013, Iowa State University
Phone: 207.581.2918
Location: 418 Deering Hall

Professional Interests: Woody plant propagation, nursery production, evaluation of native taxa, invasive plants and their impacts, population genetics, phylogeography, systematics.

Teaching: PSE 325 Turf and Grounds Management, PSE 410 Plant Propagation, PSE 424 Nursery Management

Research: The broad objectives of my research are to identify, evaluate, and develop promising ornamental plants for New England landscapes, with a focus on the protection and responsible use of indigenous flora. I seek to characterize genetic diversity within high-priority taxa, to evaluate
ecological and genetic security of natural genetic resources in relation to challenges like biological invasions, and to work toward the responsible selection, development, and release of new ornamental horticulture crops for New England’s nursery and landscape industry.

Recent Publications:

Burnett, S.E., B.J. Peterson, I. Oliveira, and T. Bowers. 2023. Production of dahlias for cut flowers in the northeastern United States. HortTechnology 33:419-424.

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McMurchie, E.K., B.J. Peterson, T.D. Leandro, X. Londoño, and L.G. Clark. 2022. A revision of Chusquea sect. Serpentes (Bambuseae, Bambusoideae, Poaceae) including two new species from South America. Systematic Botany 47:363-396. Rihn, A.L., M.J. Knuth, B.J. Peterson, A.P. Torres, J.H. Campbell, C.R. Boyer,

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