Stephanie Burnett

Associate Professor of Horticulture

Degree: Ph.D. 2004 University of Georgia
Phone: 207.581.2937
Location: 104 Deering Hall

Professional Interests: Floriculture, Greenhouse Management

Teaching: PSE 110 Introduction to Horticulture and Green Design, PSE 215 Vegetable and Fruit Production (Course Coordinator), PSE 219 SL: Herbaceous Landscape Plants, PSE 415 Greenhouse Management

Research: My research focuses on improving the efficiency and sustainability of greenhouse plant production. Since competition for available water resources will increase as the population increases, one research area focuses on improving irrigation efficiency. This may be done by determining the actual plant water needs and automating irrigation based on plant need. In addition, I am interested in developing production protocols for herbaceous perennials in commercial greenhouses and nurseries.

Recent Publications:

Peterson, B., S. Burnett, and O. Sanchez. 2018. Submist is effective for propagtion of Syringa and Ilex by stem cuttings. HortTechnology 28:378-381.

Peterson, B.J., O. Sanchez, S. Burnett, and D.J. Hayes. 2018. Sub-Mist is an effective alternative to overhead mist for propagation of coleus by stem cuttings. HortTechnology 28:143-148.

Burnett, S.E. and M.W. van Iersel. 2018. Watering, irrigation systems, and their control, p. 11-45. In: D. J. Merhaut, K.A. Williams, and S.S. Mangiafico (eds.). Water, root media, and nutrient management for greenhouse crops. Univ. California Agr. Natural Resources Communication Serv., Davis, CA.

Foster, J.J., S. Burnett, and L.B. Stack. 2017. Effects of light, soil moisture, and nutrition on greenhouse propagation of Linnaea borealis. HortTechnology 27:782-788.

Burnett, S., N. Mattson, and K. Williams. 2016. Substrates and fertilizers for organic container production of herbs, vegetable transplants, and herbaceous ornamental plants grown in greenhouses in the United States. Sci. Hort. 208:111-119.

Zhen, S. and S. Burnett. 2015. Effects of substrate volumetric water content on English lavender morphology and photosynthesis. HortScience 50:909-915.

Zhen, S., S. Burnett, M.E. Day, and M.W. van Iersel. 2014. Effects of substrate water content on morphology and physiology of rosemary, Canadian columbine, and cheddar pink. HortScience 49:486-492.

Papparozzi, E., N. Mattson, M. Grossman, and S. Burnett. 2013. Creative thinking, creative funding: Research, extension, and teaching consortiums – the 2013 National Floriculture Forum. HortTechnology 23:794-795.