Congratulations, Class of 2022!

Penny Bishop

Dear 2022 Graduates:

I take immense pride in congratulating you on your achievements this year and throughout your time at the University of Maine.

Whatever your future holds, please know that you always have a home here in the College of Education and Human Development. We look forward to staying in touch with you, celebrating your continued success and all the milestones still to come. Whenever you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello. Let us know how we can keep supporting you in your careers and in life.

For now, take a moment to mark this special occasion. Graduating from college is quite an accomplishment, and you’ve done it despite more than the usual amount of obstacles and challenges over these past two years. For information about this year’s commencement ceremonies, please visit UMaine’s Commencement website.

On behalf of everyone in the college, we are proud to call each and every one of you Black Bears!


Penny Bishop, Dean
College of Education and Human Development

Outstanding Graduating Students

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Graduate Students

Class of 2022: Undergraduate Students

Elementary Education

Carigan Allie
Chloe Bilodeau
Jess Blanchette
Ken Carpenter
Becca Cavanagh
SooZin Cha
Alli Comeau
Lindsey Dodge
Emily Haley
Jess Hamilton
Madeline Hanlon
Sarah Horvath
Dakota Hutchins
Mollie Jackson-Coates
Maya Jamerson-Martin
Emily Jolliffe
Katie Kohler
Nicole LaPlant
Savannah Levesque
Olivia MacFarlane
Deanna Massa
Erin McConnell
Sydney Meredith-Pickett
Amanda Olsen
Cate Ormiston
Maija Overturf
Mikayla Palmer
Kelli Reynolds
Chloe Shields
Chiara Smith
Gillian Sweeney
Amanda Villemaire
Kira Yardley

Secondary Education

Jeremie Carpenter
Lacy Condon
Whitney Coro
Rhiannon Doiron
Alec Dostie
Carl Durocher
Alyssa Garcia
Noah Grondin
Alyson Haley
Brandin Knowlton
Kyle Labbe
Abby Logan
Ethan Mathieu
Dominic Miller
Natalie Nahabedian
Gabbie Siciliano
Abigail Slauenwhite
Andrea Spokis
Samantha Troiano
Lauren VanGorder
Mo Weitman
Kyle Wood
Addie Woods

Child Development and Family Relations

Courtney Campbell
Grace Chamberlain
Sarah Chaput
Kristin Davies
Adam Dawe
Megan Greene
Brenda Griffin
Samantha Hanson
Caroline Kourafas
MacKenzie Lewis
Sarah Lungarini
AJ Maroney
Cassidy Marston
Jacqueline Mault
Ally Morrison
Tatum Peters
Emily Pigeon
Jamie Poliquin
Antonia Rosati
Laura Shorey
Jasmine Silvera
Ashlyn Smith
Melissa St. Peter
Molly Stanton
Alyson Thompson
Mikayla True
Emma Warner

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Caleb Ackley
Tessa Alexander
Sage Allen
Meghan Andrade
Rebecca Batron
Lilly Blakeman
Christian Boone
Tiana Bucknor
Brett Crocker
Olivia Eno
Kristin Farwell
Beca Findley
Bronte Fontaine
AJ Foss
Noah Freedman
David Gelb
Garrett Graham
Kelsey Hines
Jill Hobson
Cari Hopkins
Zach Ireland
Alexandra Johnson
Sara Kondor-Ouellette
Bryce Largay
Danielle Lynch
Amanda MacBurnie
Julia Mahoney
Katie Maxsimic
Grace McGouldrick
Sydnie McKenney
Katie Murrin
James Olivier
Jessica Pratt
Emily Reid
Sage Riendeau
Eli Smith
Leona Toole
Meghan Walsh
Lucas Yorkey

Athletic Training

Meg Lander

Class of 2022: Graduate Students

Doctoral Graduates


Sheryl Baker, Ph.D. (Prevention and Intervention)
Anica Miller-Rushing, Ph.D. (STEM Education)

Educational Leadership

Brian Bannon, Ed.D.
Paul Butler, Ed.D.
Daniel Chadbourne, Ed.D.
Ryan Crane, Ed.D.
Scott Harrison, Ed.D.
George Mayfield, Ed.D.
Laura Miller, Ed.D.
Mia Morrison, Ed.D.
Susan Thibedeau, Ed.D.
Joshua Tripp, Ed.D.
Glen Widmer, Ed.D.
Theresa Gillis, Ph.D.
Katie Thompson, Ph.D.

Higher Education

Margo Diamond, Ph.D.

Master’s and Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Graduates

Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Tristan Bates, M.Ed.
Ranae Carlson, M.Ed.
Travis Gallagher, M.Ed.
Kasie Giallombardo, M.Ed.
Audrey Hallett, M.Ed.
Lindsay Marcoux, M.Ed.
Jennifer Massow, M.Ed.
Sara McQuarrie, M.Ed.
Jordan Neal, M.Ed.
Emilyl Prue, M.Ed.
Vanessa Cook, M.Ed.

Education (Individualized)

Sue Ann Gaitings, C.A.S.
Denea Llerena, Ed.S.

Educational Leadership

Iris Eichenlaub, Ed.S.

Human Development

Jesse LaBreck, MS
April Mandeville, MS
Emma Richardson, MS
Julia Van Steenberghe, MS

Instructional Technology

Joyce Babbitt, C.A.S.
Jae Allain, M.Ed.
Laura Capobianco, M.Ed.
David W. Davis, M.Ed.
Nicolas Diaz, M.Ed.
Katrice Hinton, M.Ed.
Devin Lachapelle, M.Ed.
Kerrie Lattari, M.Ed.
Abbey McLaughlin, M.Ed.

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Brittany Cornell, M.Ed.
Bronson Rago, M.Ed.
Day’Quan Wallace, M.Ed.

Literacy Education

Kirstie Dunbar-Kari, M.Ed.
Audrey Ennamorati, M.Ed.
Molly Young, M.Ed.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Michael Campbell, MAT

Special Education

Sara Bryden, Ed.S.
Katherine Leclair, Ed.S.
Mary Conlon, M.Ed.
Chelsea Cunningham, M.Ed.
Eimile Garvey, M.Ed.
Carla Hauck, M.Ed.
Andrew Hopkins, M.Ed.
Brian Lovely, M.Ed.
Charissa Myers, M.Ed.
Mary Oliva, M.Ed.
Christine Roling, M.Ed.
Sara Smith-Criss, M.Ed.
Kathryn Walters, M.Ed.
Rebecca Weeks, M.Ed.

Student Development in Higher Education

James Psalidas, Ed.S.
Marvi Toqeer, Ed.S.
Rachel Breault, M.Ed.
Kayla Cormier, M.Ed.
Caitlin Galvin, M.Ed.
Bailey Lacke, M.Ed.
Cheyenne Laszlo, M.Ed.
Sydney Olson, M.Ed.
Isabelle Rios Hernández-Colón, M.Ed.