Mitchell Daigle: Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology

Mitchell DaigleMitchell Daigle receives a 2021-2022 Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology award from the collaborative program in Instructional Technology at the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development.

The advanced technologies instructor at the St. John Valley Technology Center, Mitch loves exploring the concepts of information technology with his learners. Whether it be hardware, software, networking, programming, cybersecurity, robotics, 3D printing, Mitch works to prepare his learners for a career in computer science. Mitch also advises his students for both SkillsUSA competitions and the United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) program.

When not in the classroom Mitch loves spending time outdoors with his wife and three children going on family hikes, skiing, camping, or spending time on the lake.

He will earn his master’s in Instructional Technology in August 2022.