Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes?

In order to register for classes, you must meet with your advisor prior to your actual registration date (this is determined by your class standing). At this meeting, your advisor will help you make final course selections, answer any questions you may have and provide you with your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your organization and preparation for this meeting will be very beneficial to you. In preparation for the meeting with your advisor, check out your Program Sheet and create a Wish List of Shopping Cart on Maine Street with the classes you would like to take.

Useful links for registration:

The Advising Center is open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays for walk-in service, and advisors are available via Zoom by email request. If those times do not fit your schedule please call or e-mail the Advising Center: 207.581.2490;

What is my Program Sheet and where can I find it?

Your Program Sheet is a Google Doc or Google Sheet that has been shared with you via Google Drive and details what courses you need to take in order to successfully complete your degree. Within your Program Sheet, you have an Academic Plan/Four Year Plan that outlines what classes you should take during what semesters that you can use when creating a Wish List or Shopping Cart.

Your Program Sheet is titled with your first and last name and your abbreviated program of study (e.g., John Smith – EDE). To find it in your Google Drive, simply search for your first and last name and it should pop up. If you are having trouble finding your sheet, please email us at

Am I required to own an Apple MacBook?

Education majors enrolling in the College are required to own a laptop and it is strongly recommended that it be an Apple MacBook. Please visit Laptops in Education to learn more about the Laptop Initiative.

What is my class standing?

  • Seniors: 84 or more degree credits
  • Juniors: 54 or more degree credits
  • Sophomores: 24 or more degree credits
  • Freshmen: Less than 24 degree credits

I would like to minor in education. What does this entail?

The College of Education and Human Development offers an 18-credit minor in education for undergraduate students who wish to explore the field of education. Students must apply for the minor, optimally during the second semester of the second year of study. Applications are available in the Advising Center and are accepted throughout the academic year. Prospective candidates should also meet with the director of undergraduate academic advising and support services to discuss the requirements of the minor. Please read more about the minor in Education. The College of Education and Human Development also offers minors in Child Development and Family Relations, Exercise Science, Outdoor Leadership, and Peace and Reconciliation Studies.

Can I be a teacher in another state when I graduate?

Yes, you can be a teacher in another state. However, each state is unique in their requirements to be a teacher. They may insist that you take an additional exam or coursework in order to fulfill their requirements.