Resources for Your Mental Health

When stress is high, check out our tips to tackle your stress. Or if your experience is beyond occasional stress and you’re anxious most of the time, read up on how you can manage anxiety.

For Students page has some great tips and helpful information.

Healing & Wellness During COVID-19, Racial and Sociopolitical Upheaval People are reeling from societal upheaval and the unpredictability of life during a pandemic. With the continuous stream of news and social media, the ambiguity related to Covid -19 and the traumatic impact of violence and racially motivated encounters- it is easy to fall into a fear-based pattern of thinking and living. Check out our resource page for support.

Self help & relaxation Counseling or a consultation can be a helpful choice for many students, but there are a lot of things you can try on your own to help your well-being. Check out suggestions to help lower your stress level, improve your mood, or just do a ‘check-in’ to see how you’re doing.

Outreach efforts at UMaine are aimed at helping students engage with their surroundings, connect with each other, and belong to the UMaine community. Want to learn a few new ways to relax and de-stress? Stop by the Mind Spa (120 Memorial Union, near the ATM), open during the fall & spring semesters on Mondays-Fridays from 12pm-4:00pm. The Mind Spa is now under the umbrella of Student Wellness where trained staff offer trainings and various programs for students and staff on a variety of mental health related topics, from suicide prevention, self care, to healthy communication.

Students, staff, and parents, may find useful some of the resources listed below

  • Students who desire help finding mental health providers in their vicinity can click here.
  • COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line for clinicians & first responders on the front lines: 866-367-4440 or 207-221-8196.  For more information, click here.
  • There are many useful tools and forms of support on-line. Click here to see a number of on-line support communities, programs, and mental health apps–many of them free.

Sanvello, a respected, popular mental health app is offering free, premium access to its on-line community and products during the covid-19 crisis. Click here to go to that website.