Mind Spa

One of the most common struggles our students face is how to manage the stress and anxiety that comes from trying to balance the various demands of a college student, from classes and work to navigating family and romantic relationships. While counseling can be very helpful for these concerns, we recognize that most students would benefit from learning a few new ways of managing their stress.

Stop by our Mind Spa  which is in our Outreach Office at 120 Memorial Union, 1st floor by the ATM) to learn more!
We are open during the Fall & Spring semesters on Mondays through Fridays from 11 am to 4:30pm.

Our staff can teach you a few simple ways of relaxing and coping with stress using, among other things, biofeedback, creative activities, meditation, and sun lamp / light therapy.

For general questions about the Mind Spa, please call our Outreach Office at 207-581-4561.

Questions or want to schedule a time for us to bring our Mobile Mind Spa to your on-campus location? Contact Amy Moran or Jessica Browne.

Welcome to Our Mind Spa!

Our super comfy couches!

The Art Table!

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The Biofeedback Room!