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Field Instructor Information - Field Instructor Resources

The following resources will be helpful in supporting your work as a University of Maine School of Social Work Field Instructor.

Materials from the New Field Instructor Orientation:

The University of Maine Field Instructor Orientation (PDF) provides the slides for the PowerPoint presentation given at the New Field Instructor Orientation. Several articles are also provided at the orientation:

Developmental Stages in Field (PDF) describes the developmental stages of field education from the student’s perspective. Orientation Plan for Students (PDF) is a checklist for field instructors to consider in orienting students to their agencies.

Further readings – From Royse, Dhooper, and Romph (2003) Field Instruction: A guide for Social Work Students, Allyn & Bacon: Getting Started (PDF), Partnership with Agencies (PDF), Field Instruction and the Social Work Curriculum (PDF). From: Birkenmaier & Berg-Weger (2011). The Practicum Companion for Social Work: Integrating Class and Field Work, 3rd Edition, Allyn & Bacon: Safety in Social Work Settings (PDF)


Other articles related to field education:

Emotional Reactions of Students in Field Education (PDF)

Maintaining Physical and Emotional Safety: A Primer for Social Workers (PDF)

Field Education Bibliography (PDF)


Online resources are also available:

Becoming a Successful Field Instructor (

Essential Ethics Education in Social Work Field Instruction: A blueprint for Field Educators

Conducting Macro-Level Work in a Micro-focused Profession

Student Mental Health and Field Education: Responsibilities and Challenges of Field Education

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