Field Forms and Policies

Current Policy Regarding Possible Disruption in Field Education due to Covid-19:


Field forms, policies, and documents required for the BSW and MSW practicums, can be found below.

The BSW Field Manual provides information about the BSW Junior Year Field Experience in Social Work and the BSW Generalist Senior Field Practicum.  BSW Field Manual 2018-19

The MSW Field Manual provides information about the MSW Generalist Year and Specialized Year Field Practicums.  MSW Field Manual 2018-19

Field Application and Assignment Process

All students must follow the Field Placement Application Process. The application process is to inform the Field Department of each student’s educational needs and desires.  The Field Application and Assignment Process describes the full procedure.

Students who are requesting a field placement at their place of employment should follow the Guidelines for a Work-Site Field Placement.  by completing the application and reviewing the  Application and Guidelines for Work-site Field Placement for the full procedure.

Student Field Placement Form

SWK 495 Senior Field Practicum Forms

SWK 495 Learning Plan

SWK 495 Log

SWK 495 Student Progress and Evaluation Form

SWK 595 Generalist Year MSW Practicum Forms

SWK 595 Learning Plan (PDF and Word)

SWK 595 Log Contact Form (PDF and Word)

SWK 595 Student Progress and Evaluation Form (PDF and Word)

SWK 695 Specialized Year MSW Practicum Forms

Field Practicum Forms
SWK 695 Learning Plan (PDF or Word)

SWK 695 Log Contact Form (PDF and Word)

SWK 695 Specialization Year Student Evaluation Form ( Word)