Field Instructor Resources

Field Instructor Resources

Field Instructor Training Modules

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The following resources will be helpful in supporting your work as a University of Maine School of Social Work Field Instructor.

Field Forms and Policies.

Instructions for Completing Student Progress Evaluation Forms

The Student Progress Evaluation Form Instructions  provides details on using the TK-20 system to enter information in your Student Progress Evaluation Form.  All Field Staff – Field Instructors, Site Supervisors, and BSW/MSW External Consultants – will complete the Student Progress Evaluation Form. 

Materials from the New Field Instructor Orientation:

Developmental Stages in Field (PDF) describes the developmental stages of field education from the student’s perspective. Orientation Plan for Students (PDF) is a checklist for field instructors to consider in orienting students to their agencies.

NASW Code of Ethics Website

Further readings – From Royse, Dhooper, and Romph (2003) Field Instruction: A guide for Social Work Students, Allyn & Bacon: Getting Started (PDF), Partnership with Agencies (PDF), Field Instruction and the Social Work Curriculum (PDF). From: Birkenmaier & Berg-Weger (2011). The Practicum Companion for Social Work: Integrating Class and Field Work, 3rd Edition, Allyn & Bacon: Safety in Social Work Settings (PDF)

Other articles related to field education:

Emotional Reactions of Students in Field Education (PDF)

Maintaining Physical and Emotional Safety: A Primer for Social Workers (PDF)

Field Education Bibliography (PDF)

Online resources are also available:

Becoming a Successful Field Instructor

Essential Ethics Education in Social Work Field Instruction: A blueprint for Field Educators:
Ethics Education for Field Instructors

Conducting Macro-Level Work in a Micro-focused Profession

Student Mental Health and Field Education: Responsibilities and Challenges of Field Education:
Student Mental Health