At the University of Maine School of Social Work, we provide the highest quality education for advanced professional social work practice. We are committed to the professional education of Master’s prepared social workers: social workers who are ready to make a difference in our complex and changing society.  The mission of graduate social work education at the University of Maine is to prepare ethical, competent, effective advanced generalist social workers capable of practicing with a high degree of autonomy and skill in diverse social welfare settings. 


HumanServicesEDU, recognized the University of Maine MSW program as the best CSWE-accredited MSW program in Maine: Best in Maine.HumanServicesEDU is a non-profit organization that helps students find human service education program to match their career goals.

Goals of the Master of Social Work Program

Consistent with both University and School mission and goals, the goals of the master’s program are:

  1. To educate students to be competent and effective at working across service delivery systems utilizing a strengths-based approach and respecting human diversity.
  2. To prepare competent and effective students for
    Social Work Students involved in Group Work
    Social Work Students involved in Group Work
    advanced generalist social work practice for the purposes of enhancing human well-being, preventing and alleviating human suffering, and advancing social and economic justice.
  3. To prepare students to work ethically with clients and client systems across the entire life span.
  4. To initiate and promote research and knowledge building activities by faculty and students, for the purpose of improving the quality of social work practice.