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Where to start?

The Program Search is a database of all available programs. You can search by program type, country, and term. If you would like to search by major you should use Advanced Search. If you use the interactive map, you can explore each country in more detail. Once you identify a specific program, you will see a link to its website.

Direct Exchange Programs

UMaine has an exchange agreement with a number of foreign universities. Students pay tuition and fees at UMaine and swap locations with a student from the partner university. Direct exchange allows for cultural and language immersion by attending courses with local students at the host university. This is a good option for the independent student preferably with some travel experience. Direct exchange is very suitable for students paying UMaine tuition at the in-state or  NEBHE rates. Out-of-state students are advised to look at recommended programs for the same locations.

Recommended Programs 

UMaine has partnered with organizations which design study abroad programs exclusively for U.S. students. These programs provide opportunities that may not be available through the regular curriculum of a foreign university. They may be housed at a study center rather than a university. The recommended program offers a variety of study abroad support services and excursions. This is a good option for the less experienced traveler.

Internships Abroad

Intern abroad as part of your study abroad program or as a stand-along program. Semester-long internships for 9-15 credits also available for most majors.

Research Abroad

Complete a semester of undergraduate research with faculty and graduate students at a host university.

Student Teaching Abroad

A unique UMaine program for education majors who teach abroad in their very last semester of college.

Travel Study Courses

Participate in a program led by a professor from UMaine or another University of Maine System institution. Very suitable for students looking to go abroad in May term, winter break or during the summer.

Direct enrollment 

Explore colleges and universities in other countries, and directly enroll in a program that allows “transient” or “international” students. Participation in a direct enroll program is limited. Consult your Study Abroad Advisor before making any decisions.

Can’t decide between a few programs?

Read the Program Evaluations completed by study abroad participants from UMaine around the country. Ratings and specific answers can help you pick the program that best fits you.

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Last Modified On May 29, 2014

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