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NAS Minor - Elective Courses

Native American Studies Minor Electives:

Requirements for courses to be included in the Native American Studies Minor
(Offered without the NAS designator)

  • The course must have 100% Native content.
  • The course must include information from a Native perspective (i.e. course readings, presentations by Native peoples, etc.)
  • The course must approach the subject from a scholarly perspective and must demonstrate scholastic rigor. To be considered for the minor, the instructor must present credentials to substantiate their understanding of Native communities and issues, as well as scholarly knowledge.

Currently, students may fulfill the remaining credits with the following courses:

ANT 451: North American Indian Ethnology

Covers both traditional culture patters and modern developments and problems. Includes consideration of traditional culture areas, emphasizing adaptations and cultural dynamics, past and present. Prerequisite: ANT 102 or ANT 300 or permission.

ANT 472: North American Prehistory

The history of North American native peoples from the first evidence to the arrival of the Europeans. Emphasis on major issues such as glacial and post-glacial adaptation, development of agriculture, and the emergence of sedentism. Prerequisite: ANT 317 or permission.

HTY 220: American Indian History

American Indian History will provide an introductory survey to the history of American Indians from time before European contact until the present time. The course will focus on several critical themes in American Indian history: American Indians prior to contact; Cultural contact; Treaty making, treaty rights, and sovereignty; Policies of governments impacting upon Native populations and; Contemporary Issues. This course will focus heavily on the ways that cultural interactions affected and transformed American Indian beliefs, practices, and social structures in North America and the ways American Indians, in turn, redefined themselves.

ENG 442: Native American Literature

Surveys literature by Native American authors from a wide range of tribal backgrounds. Considers the development of a written tradition over time in relation to oral genres. Prerequisite: 6 hours or permission.

HTY 481: Amerindians of the Northeast: A History

Considers Amerindian history from a regional perspective, with emphasis on inter-societal and inter-ethnic relations between the 16th and 19th centuries. It encompasses the Algonquian and Iroquoian speaking peoples from the Atlantic seaboard to the upper Great Lakes and from the Ohio Valley to the Hudson Bay.

Additionally, students are encouraged to sign up for:

NAS 201 and/or NAS 401-Topics in Native American Studies with changeable titles.

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