Local and national news feature new record-breaking 3D printer at UMaine

WFVX (Fox 22/ABC 7 in Bangor), WABI (CBS 5 in Bangor) and Maine Public covered the unveiling event at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center for the world’s largest 3D printer. The U.S. Sun, Tech Times, Interesting Engineering, Popular Science, BBC and the Associated Press also covered the unveiling. AP posted both a video and news article that highlighted the technological advancement. 

With a printer that was previously the world’s largest, the ASCC created a biobased home. The new printer, which is four times larger and dubbed the Factory of the Future 1.0, can more quickly manufacture eco-friendly and cost-effective items for numerous industries, including national security, affordable housing, bridge construction, ocean and wind energy and maritime vessel fabrication. 

The Arizona Daily Star, the Montana Standard, The Post-Star and many other media outlets shared the video from AP. The article from AP was shared by hundreds of news outlets, including the Washington Times, Florence Morning News, The Seattle Times and several news outlets in Maine.