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Shell midden

Preserving Maine’s ancient coastal heritage

Maine’s coastline is dotted with more than 2,000 archaeologically documented shell middens and virtually all of them are eroding into the ocean, some quite rapidly, which is putting valuable records of Maine’s cultural and environmental history at risk, says Alice Kelley, a geoarchaeologist at the University of Maine. It is a trend that is likely […]

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Alumni, students take on leading roles at Mount Desert Island Historical Society

A Mount Desert Island Historical Society news release noted the many contributions of University of Maine community members to its organization. Over the past few years, UMaine students, faculty and alumni have taken on expanded roles in the society, a regional nonprofit located about 90 minutes from UMaine’s campus in Orono. New Champlain Society Fellow […]

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BDN reports on Penobscot River Sovereignty Rally

The Bangor Daily News reported that Darren Ranco, a Penobscot and chairman of the University of Maine Native American Programs, spoke at the Penobscot River Sovereignty Rally on Sunday. The U.S. Court of Appeals recently ruled 2–1 in favor of the state of Maine that the river surrounding the tribe’s reservation islands, including Indian Island, […]

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Passamaquoddy, Penobscots preserved mobility into 19th century

Well into the 19th century, home for Native families continued to be where they camped, fished, hunted and gathered wood in Maine. For Wabanaki people, home wasn’t confined to, or defined as, one place. Nor was home bound by walls or lines on a map, says Micah Pawling, assistant professor of history and Native American […]

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Ph.D. candidate in history awarded Fulbright to Canada

Ian Jesse, a Ph.D. candidate in history at the University of Maine, has received a Fulbright U.S. Student Program award to Canada in history from the U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. Jesse, who is from Plymouth, Massachusetts, will conduct research at the University of New Brunswick on how […]

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Franco-American Centre to host sixth annual Franco-American Rassemblement

The University of Maine will host its sixth annual gathering — Rassemblement — of Franco-American writers, artists and creatives, April 28–30, at the Franco-American Centre on campus. The annual event, organized by UMaine’s Franco American Programs, aims to create a culturally supportive space in which members of the Franco-American creative community can share their work. […]

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Interactive storytelling

Participants sought for interactive storytelling event

Maine-Wabanaki REACH in collaboration with the University of Maine Art Education Community Outreach are seeking participants for an interactive storytelling event. The groups will explore events in the shared history of Europeans and their descendants, and Wabanaki people, the indigenous people of Maine. The event will take place in Lord Hall, Room 202 from 3:30–5 […]

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WWI plane flying of a field

American experience in WWI subject of April 11 lecture

The American experience in World War I will be the focus of a lecture April 11 at the University of Maine. Donald Zillman, the Edward S. Godfrey Professor of Law at the University of Maine School of Law, will talk about his 2016 book, “Living the World War: A Weekly Exploration of the American Experience […]

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Role of maritime history topic of Maine Heritage Lecture

The important role of 19th-century maritime history in shaping Maine will be the focus of the Maine Heritage Lecture Oct. 24 at the University of Maine. Stephen Hornsby, director of the Canadian-American Center and professor of anthropology and Canadian studies, will speak on “Industry’s Ocean: What Built Antebellum Maine.” The free public lecture, sponsored by […]

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Vietnam War protest on campus in the 1960s

Stephen King to launch his newest book at the University of Maine Nov. 7

Editor’s note: Story updated Oct. 5. Stephen King will launch his newest book, “Hearts in Suspension,” at the University of Maine on Nov. 7 with a reading of the book and discussion of his student days at UMaine during the turbulent Vietnam War era, followed by a conversation with his former classmates and friends who […]

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