One of the most common struggles in college is how to manage the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to balance the demands of a college student. From classes and work to family and romantic relationships, there are a wide range of factors. The Mind Spa can help!

While counseling can be helpful, most people benefit from learning new ways of managing their stress on their own. The Mind Spa is located at 149 Memorial Union within the Student Wellness Resource Center, 1st floor by the Package & Postal Center.


There is something going on every day, but feel free to stop by and hang out in our relaxing atmosphere. Our focus is mental health, including generating positivity, empathy, assessing life balance, learning about one’s self, improving emotional intelligence, and reducing stress.

Our staff teach simple ways of relaxing and coping with stress using biofeedback, creative activities, meditation, mindfulness, light therapy using a sun lamp, and many other things.

Programs and Events

Below is a sample of activities and programs we have done in the past. The plan for the upcoming semester is in flux, but check our social media for updates!