Other Educational Programs and Offerings

Prevention and Education Programs

All of the prevention and education programs listed below can be requested by students, student organizations, faculty, and staff for presentation to students.  If you have questions or would like to request a program please email us at um.swell@maine.edu and we will respond as soon as we can with the requested information. 

Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention is a program to raise awareness of helping others, increase motivation for helping peers in need, learning and developing helping behaviors, and finding confidence in responding to harmful behaviors or situations.  Students looking out for each other adds to the culture of safety and well-being for self and others within the Black Bear community. 

Bystander Intervention presentations are given in conjunction with alcohol education and Title IX education to all athletes, first year orientation courses, and by request. For more information about Bystander Intervention, visit the Title IX Student Services Page.

Harm Reduction and Risk Management Training

The Center for Student Involvement oversees the UMaine event management process, often partnering with SWell to address issues of risk management. When incidents with alcohol or substance use arise, a professional SWell staff member will meet with students or student groups to go over risk management plans.  While this is a proactive measure, this training is also given as an educational sanction for students and groups found in violation of the Student Conduct Code.

Various Workshops and Trainings

Professional and graduate staff within SWell are often asked to present workshops and training by request.  Many workshops and trainings revolve around the topics of alcohol or other drugs, bystander intervention, and sexual violence prevention.  Topics may vary by request, though all trainings endeavor to meet the individual needs of the person or group requesting them, as well as furthering all aspects of wellness across UMaine.