Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students

This program, abbreviated as BASICS, is designed for students to explore their drinking in a non-judgmental environment. BASICS comes in two varieties:

I. An education class, which provides information on the effects of alcohol and is intended to be a conversation about alcohol use and how to stay safe. It lasts for one hour and is typically assigned for a minor first-time alcohol or marijuana violation.

II. An individual meeting with a staff member to explore use, habits, and balance. These meetings are confidential. They are typically assigned for subsequent or more serious violations, but if you are unable to attend an education class, you may schedule an individual meeting to satisfy the requirement.

Call to schedule an individual session: 207.581.1423.


Self-referral simply means you are interested in meeting with our counselor out of your own interest. Students concerned about their use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, or other drugs may meet confidentially with a licensed counselor. There is no fee. Students might want to stop using or just cut back; either way, we can assist.

Students concerned about someone else, such as a family member, friend, teammate, or roommate may also talk with one of our staff.

To schedule an appointment call 207.581.1423.