Controlled Substance Public Disposal Location

Medicine take back options are the best way to safely dispose of unused or expired prescription and nonprescription (for example, over the counter) medicines.

Before disposing of prescription medicines, be sure to remove all personal information on pill bottle labels and medicine packaging.  All of your medicines dropped off at the take back locations will be destroyed.

For information on local disposal locations, follow this link:

Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students (BASICS)

This program is designed for students to explore their drinking in a non-judgmental environment. This program is delivered in two ways, either as a class or as a one-on-one meeting with a licensed counselor.

For more information click here.


Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) Calculator

Sometimes called Blood Alcohol Content, a person’s BAL informs them how intoxicated they are from alcohol. There are four main factors that determine a person’s BAL.

  1. Sex
  2. Weight
  3. Amount of Alcohol Consumed
  4. Time

Click here for an interactive BAL calculator.


University Policies and Regulations

There are two documents which outline university policy and conduct code. Both are linked below.

Umaine Student Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

University Policy and Law


Research on drugs, including alcohol, is constantly ongoing. This is especially true for marijuana, given its legality in some states, potential legalization in others, and its medical status in several more states.

We encourage those looking for factual information to check various websites. When deciding which websites to use, try to avoid those with a cause or which are trying to sell something.


Marijuana and Other Drugs