Fentanyl Awareness

Fentanyl has become more prevalent in recent years, and has been found more often mixed in with other illicit drugs that some take recreationally. Being educated of the dangers and knowing how to mitigate those risk factors is key to staying safe and keeping others protected. Please use caution when making choices and focus on harm-reduction strategies when deciding to take risks. Consider the following information to make sure you are fully informed:


Fentanyl Testing Kits!

Student Wellness is excited to announce a new way to stay safer when experimenting recreationally. Because of cross-contamination of Fentanyl in different products in the area, we have begun distributing Fentanyl Test Strip kits. Included in each kit is a Fentanyl Test Strip, Nitrile Glove, Alcohol Wipe, and Test Strip Results Guide. Made possible by generous support from the Alton ’38 and Adelaide Hamm Campus Activity Fund, these kits will make testing for fentanyl extremely easy and accessible in a variety of situations. 

Fentanyl Test Kit