Undergraduate Program Course Descriptions

SWK 101 Opportunities for the Social Work Major 

Introduces first-year and transfer students who have declared a major in social work to the general resources of the University of Maine and to the specific resources of the School of Social Work. Topics include overview of library and computer facilities, degree and graduation requirements, volunteer opportunities, internships, and future career opportunities. Pass/fail. Prerequisite: Social Work major. 1 Cr.

SWK 320 Introduction to Social Work
Focuses on the history and development of social welfare and social work, the basic values and concepts of social work practice and the major fields of social work practice. Second semester or sophomore level students. Satisfies the General Education Social Contexts and Institutions Requirement. Prerequisite: SOC 101 or permission. 3 Cr.

SWK 330 Contemporary Issues in Diversity and Pluralism
Examines plurality and diversity from a standpoint of difference created by culture, race, social structure, religious affiliation, gender, age, sexual orientation and ability. Issues of prejudice and discrimination examined on an individual and societal level. Satisfies the General Education Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives Requirement. Prerequisite: SOC 101. 3 Cr.

SWK 350 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
Examines normative development, behavior, values and attitudes as influenced by age, cohort, gender, culture, social class, social structures, oppression and other environmental factors. Addresses the life span and attendant concerns from multiple theoretical perspectives within a systems person-in-environment framework. Considers implications for social work practice and social welfare policy. Prerequisites: PSY 100 and SOC 101 or permission. 3 Cr.

SWK 351 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
Examines research and traditional/alternative theories related to normative development of families, small groups, and communities. Explores the impact of age, gender, social class, social structures, oppression, and other environmental factors. Examines the social structure and context of organizations and institutions and their impact on individuals, families, small groups, and communities. Considers implications for social work practice and social welfare policy. Prerequisite: SWK 350 or permission. 3 Cr.

SWK 361 Generalist Social Work Practice I
Explores the functions and roles of the social worker, the value base of social work practice, and the process of providing service. Social Work majors only. Prerequisite: SWK 350 or permission. 3 Cr.

SWK 365 Problems of Child Abuse and Neglect: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Examines the roles of the major disciplines, agencies and professions involved in the prevention, early detection, assessment, intervention, treatment and management of child abuse and neglect. Focus on victims and their families. Satisfies the General Education Social Contexts and Institutions Requirement. Prerequisite: SOC 101 or permission. (Continuing Education Only). 3 Cr.

SWK 395 Beginning Field Experience in Social Work Part A and Part B
Preparation for field practicum, exploration of interest in professional social work and introduction to social welfare agency milieux through volunteer experience. Students must register for both fall and spring semesters. Prerequisite: Social Work major or permission. 3 Cr.

SWK 397 Independent Projects in Social Welfare I
1-3 Cr.

SWK 440 Social Welfare Policy and Issues
Provides an analytic perspective on the provision of social services and the interrelatedness of practice and policy analysis. The dimensions of choice in social welfare policy and major issues in provision of services are examined. Satisfies the General Education Social Contexts and Institutions and Writing Intensive Requirements. Prerequisites: POS 100 or PAA 100 or PAA 220; SWK 320, or permission. 3 Cr.

SWK 462 Generalist Social Work Practice II
Develops knowledge, values and skills necessary for provision of social services to individuals, families and small groups. Includes knowledge and skill building in interpersonal communication, planning and carrying out interventions, and evaluating interventions within the context of generalist social work practice. Integrates classroom and field instruction experiences. Prerequisite: SWK 361. Limited to senior SWK majors. 3 Cr.

SWK 463 Generalist Practice III
Explores the theory and practice of purposive social change in social agencies and communities, participation of social workers in politics, and social worker roles of advocate, resource mobilizer, program planner, and organizer. Integrates the classroom and field instruction experience. Prerequisite: SWK 462. Limited to senior SWK majors. 3 Cr.

SWK 491 Methods of Social Work Research
Beginning methods of social work research. Strategies and methods of developing knowledge in the context of social work practice and social welfare. The place of theory in research, problem formulation, ethical concerns, research designs, including practice research and evaluation, methods of data collection, sampling, introduction to program evaluation, and basic procedures in data analysis and statistics. 3 Cr.

SWK 495 Field Practicum in Social Work
Generalist social work practice in community agencies provides opportunities to apply social work knowledge and skills directed toward planned intervention and change efforts. Satisfies the General Education Capstone Experience Requirements. Prerequisites: SWK 361 and SWK 440. Limited to social work majors who have completed at least 75 course credit hours. Must be taken concurrently with SWK 462 (Fall semester) and SWK 463 (Spring semester). Twelve credit hours required; six per semester, variable by permission only. 1-6 Cr.

SWK 497 Special Topics in Social Work
Content varies to suit needs of individual students or small groups. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: permission. 1-3 Cr.