Korean FirKorean Fir branch

Korean Fir (Abies koreana‘ Horstmann Silberlocke’)

Tree on grounds between back of Clapp Greenhouse and front of Deering Hall, east of Charlie’s Terrace, off Estabrooke Drive

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  • One of several memorial trees on campus, this one planted in conjunction with Charlie’s Terrace, honoring the late Dr. Charles Slavin, a dean of the Honors College.
  • A cultivar of the Korean fir, the silberlocke was introduced in Europe in 1979 by Gustav Horstmann who developed it; brought to U.S. in 1986.
  • Dark green needles curve upward around the stem, revealing silvery white underside and giving a lovely two-tone effect to foliage; pyramid form, smaller than the Korean fir.
  • Cultivar grows well in cold, snowy regions such as Maine; the mountains of South Korea are the home of the fir itself.