National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

The National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) at the University of Maine was an organized research unit that overlapped with the Spatial Informatics group in the School of Computing and Information Science. NCGIA-Maine was engaged in research on all aspects of geographic information science. Faculty members included an interdisciplinary group with expertise in Computer Science, Mathematics, Law, Cognitive Psychology, and Environmental Science.

NCGIA-Maine has been succeeded by the Spatial Data Science Institute which remains active as a research entity. Core and collaborative faculty continue to conduct and expand the limits of research within the domain.

This site is an archive of NCGIA-Maine. That former unit’s research goal was to advance spatial information theories and develop new spatial information technologies that help humans in their everyday lives, in their interaction with the environment, with each other, and with computers, and generally to advance our understanding of spatial and temporal phenomena in our geographic surroundings.

2018 NCGIA Core Personnel

Nick Giudice
Kate Beard-Tisdale
Carol Bult
Max Egenhofer
Torsten Hahmann
Reinhard Moratz
Silvia Nittel
Harlan Onsrud

Affiliated Faculty:

Ali Abedi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kathleen Bell, School of Economics
Ivan Fernandez, School of Forest Resources and the Climate Change Institute
Shaleen Jain, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Anil Raj Kizha, School of of Forest Resources
Anne Knowles, History
Cynthia Loftin, Wildlife Ecology
Brian McGill, School of Biology and Ecology and the Mitchell Center
Mike Scott, New Media
Sean Smith, School of Earth and Climate Sciences
Aaron Weiskittel, School of Forest Resources