The school’s research activities span many fields and departments, both on and off campus. Faculty in SCIS are engaged in a wide variety of research, with clusters of research activity in computer science and in spatial informatics.

SCIS is home to the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA)

Much research activity is organized around the following research laboratories and groups.

See more specifically Computer Science Research & Facilities and Spatial Informatics Research and Facilities.

Research is also described in Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations and under the  webpages of faculty members.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The School has several research laboratories as listed above. Most of these laboratories routinely include undergraduates who assist professors and graduate students in their research. Students are mentored by the professors and graduate students, and obtain a good idea of what research and graduate school are like. In addition to the interesting and valuable experience gained, students are often paid and/or co-author research papers. Contact individual faculty members or the lab directors for more information.